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I'll help you develop captivating brand messages, smart marketing moves & attract an audience of No #1 fans!

(so business feels like groovin, to your favourite tune!)


Created something really cool for your clients, but all it's getting is the sound of crickets?

Then it may need a few little tweaks to turn those browsers into buyers.

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I'm delighted you've zoomed by my corner of the online stage.

I'm Kym Mulcahy Online Business Coach and Personal Brand Strategist. And I'm all about helping fabulous women entrepreneurs and small business owners (like you) stand out from the crowd and attract audiences of No #1 fans.

I know that embracing your unique qualities and infusing them into your brand is key to your success.

It is the very thing that will set you apart from crowd, instantly connect you with those you’re meant to serve, and propel your business to new heights.

I've made it my (dream) business helping entrepreneurs identify their "star power" and develop their unique voice, so that marketing their offers not only feels good, but makes them simply irresistible!

Sound like I'm singing your (entrepreneurial) song?

Kym is an absolute joy to work with. She’s professional, reliable, and knows exactly what’s going on in the marketplace. She’s also patient and very approachable - and many other amazing things. Before I met Kym, there were things I knew I needed to do in my business, but kept putting them off. During my 8 weeks with Kym, we got it all done. The sense of achievement and relief I feel knowing it was done professionally is absolutely fantastic. I believe “everyone needs a Kym!”

Mandie Spooner
Mandie Spooner Viva Health & Wealth

When I spoke to Kym about taking my business to the next level, she blew me away. I knew I had to work with her and it was the best decision I’ve made. Kym really understood my business, helping me nail down what my brand was about and the message I wanted to get across to my ideal clients. She has given me confidence to really put myself out there and reach people in the way I want to, so my message doesn’t get lost. I strongly recommend hiring Kym to help you with your branding and message.

Jagriti Bhatia
Jagriti Bhatia Ignite Bollywood Dance Company