with amazing ideas and a burning desire to make a difference.


  • A waiting list of dream clients (aka those people who can't wait to work with you and line up to grab your next fabulous offer)
  • Crystal clear clarity about what you stand for and how you're going to make your mark on the universe
  • Clear and compelling marketing messages that feel and sound just like YOU
  • The ability to attract all the RIGHT attention (whether that means just one special person or the whole freakin planet).

Music to your ears?  FABULOUS!


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I'm an Online Business + Personal Brand Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs.

If we haven't yet had the pleasure to meet, here's a quick verse of what I'm about . . .

Once upon a time, it was my role as a professional singer to captivate audiences from onstage. I was trained to capture people's attention, communicate engaging stories, and connect with their emotions, all through song and dance.

Today, I've switched my communication talents to the online stage, and apply many of the same principles to help entrepreneurs captivate online audiences and create audiences of No #1 fans.


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Over the years (and between singing gigs), I worked in various marketing and advertising roles, but "working for the man" never felt quite right for this freedom seeker.

I always knew in my heart, I was meant to sing my own entrepreneurial song.

When I became a mum, I trusted my intuition, vowing never to return to the 9 to 5.

Thankfully, I followed those instincts.

Whilst learning the ropes as a new mum (and adapting to sleep deprivation), I dived head-first the online business arena;

  • Studying Communications & Media Writing at University
  • Investing in high-end coaching programs, learning marketing strategies from the best in the business
  • Devouring everything I could find about online marketing, blogging and copywriting

And then all the training and consistency paid off . . .

The little wedding blog I created from scratch,

grew from 0 to 70,000 unique monthly visitors within 2 years.

It was the proof I needed, that this online world was definitely my new "stage."

I then started providing consultancy services to both small and large companies, using my online marketing experience and copywriting skills to boost their brands.

Then, following my love for personal development and fascination with human psychology, I added transformational life coaching to my repertoire.

Human behaviour and success coaching skills was to be the magic "glue" that combined my eclectic experience, creativity and passion for helping women realise their dreams.

I knew I had a powerful mentoring combo to serve my clients!


Today, I use my online marketing, coaching and copywriting expertise to help women entrepreneurs and small business owners stand out from the crowd.

I also refer to myself as the "Marketing Voice" Coach  - because it sums up what I teach:

  • how to use your own unique voice;
  • how to promote your business with heart-centric marketing and,
  • how to create captivating messages that authentically connect with your audience.

If it has anything to do with authentic and compelling communication (and creativity) then it's my jam!


I believe (in fact I know) everyone has their own "UNIQUE VOICE”

But unfortunately many people;

  • Don’t know how to USE IT
  • Don’t know how to FIND IT . . .  or worse,
  • Don’t even know IT EXISTS!!

So I’ve made it my (dream) job helping them get them acquainted (or rather re-acquainted) with their unique voice and then using its power to realise their dreams.

My signature program Your Unique Voice, gives entrepreneurs exclusive one-on-one support, strategies and actionable guidance, so they can create a captivating online presence, compelling messages and attract an audience of No #1 fans.

Helping my clients develop their unique voice, makes my heart sing!

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I’m a freedom fighter who is passionate about authenticity in life and business, and stepping out of your comfort zone to live life to the fullest.

There used to be a time when I lived my life according to what other people wanted - believing this would make me happy - boy was I wrong!

The moment I started believing in myself and sharing my "unique voice," was the moment I started to really experience what happiness is.

I'm blessed to have a business that fits beautifully around my family – my gorgeous man and my son (who are my world) . . .

And, I love how every time I help others achieve their dreams, my dreams manifest naturally as a side-effect (gotta love those universal laws don’t you?)

I'm so grateful to be able to do what I do,

I do a little happy-dance every time I see one of my clients shine!


(for those black tie occasions . . )

Kym Mulcahy is a communications virtuoso, on a fired-up mission to help women entrepreneurs rock this planet with their unique gifts, so they can live life on their terms and make a difference in the process.

A certified transformational coach, marketing mentor and educator, she is the founder of "Your Unique Voice," an exclusive mentoring program for women entrepreneurs with a message to share and a passion to make a bigger impact.

Over the past 7 years, Kym has founded a popular international blog (growing it from zero to 70,00 unique monthly visitors in 18 months), has consulted to both international corporations and boutique businesses, and has composed sales copy for industry heavy weights including LendLease, Wedderburn, Hamilton Island and Richardson & Wrench.

Kym is based in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her gorgeous 'forever guy' and young son. When she’s not teaching women entrepreneurs and small business owners how to create audiences of No #1 fans and rock their personal brand, you’ll find her hanging out with her laptop and a latte at her favourite cafe, or planning her next weekend getaway.

Transform your business into one that sings — for your audience, for your clients, and for YOU — at KymMulcahy.com



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