How To Create A Social Media Strategy in 7 Doable Steps

How To Create A Social Media Strategy in 7 Doable Steps

How To Create A Social Media Strategy Everyone knows social media is the greatest marketing invention since billboards. And since everyone knows this, everyone uses it. But how can you make your brand stand out in a sea of social media content? Here’s how to create a social media strategy in 7 do-able steps—and have fun with it too!

If you’ve ever had that frustrating feeling of being lost in a social media sea, surrounded by waves of viral content, then I completely understand.  I know because I’ve been there too.

It can be challenging when you first learn how to create a social media strategy, but I promise it gets easier (and more enjoyable) as you go along.

Why create a social media strategy? 

It’s common to think, “If everyone is using social media, maybe I should be doing something else in order to stand out.” But cancel that thought. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.

Think of it like the popularity of karaoke. Even though everyone may choose the same songs over and over again, each person still has their own uniquely special voice. You can still represent your own distinct brand on a common platform. Plus, if everyone is using social media that means that

  1. you know it works and
  2. you know you’ll have a wide market to reach!

A social media strategy does two major things:

  1. It gains exposure for your brand through viral campaigns and shareable content
  2. It improves your relationship with your current audience by providing them with information, entertainment, and a strong brand image.

So now, it’s time to talk about how to create a social media strategy that will be successful.


1. Know Your Audience.

You likely already know your target audience from building your business. You should know their general demographics, psychographics, wants and needs. Now think of your audience in terms of the content they want from you:

  • How do they want content delivered?
  • Are they hoping for helpful tips? Entertainment? Secret information?
  • How will your content better their lives in some way (even if just for a moment)?

Apply what you know about your audience. Think about how your audience usually interacts with your brand to determine how to create a social media strategy that is most relevant to them.


2. KISS!

Keep It Simple, Sunshine! When you’re planning out how to create a social media strategy, it may feel like an arduous or extensive process. It shouldn’t feel like this!

If it does, your campaign is likely too involved to be successful. Social media should be fun, so you should be having fun with it too! Simplicity is key.

Social media is about quick, snippets of entertaining information. CGV: Concise Goes Viral A short video, an infographic, a listicle, a meme: these go viral much faster than long-content. Why? Our world has a short attention span in a time of constant running and fast technology.

Stick to two or three main marketing messages. What is the main point you want to get across? Okay, great. Now use two or three examples or visual features to share it with your consumers.


3. Engage Your Audience with an Intriguing Headline. 

Which one headline would you be more likely to click on: “Training Your Puppyor  “7 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Puppy Training” Probably the latter, right?

According to CopyBlogger, 8 out of 10 people will read a headline, but only 2 in 10 will keep reading! And then trying to convert those 2 people to share your content?! It’s not easy. This is why the headline can make or break your social media campaign success.

The headline intrigues your reader to learn more about what you have to say. With so much content out there, they could likely find similar information two clicks away—make them want to click on your headline. When you’re working out how to create a social media strategy, spend the largest amount of time perfecting your title.

3 tips to creating a sizzling hot headline:
  1. Use numbers
  2. Use attention-grabbing, actionable, and shocking adjectives
  3. Use cliffhangers that tease the reader into wanting more…


4. Visuals, Visuals, VISUALS! 

Content that includes video and pictures is generally more share-worthy and search engine optimized. You want to emotionally connect to your audience.

Think about what visuals will move your audience in a way that relates to your brand? Your content can be funny, informative, surprising, inspiring, or provocative—or a mixture.

When thinking about how to create a social media strategy, you want every aspect of the campaign to be out of the box, vibrant, and unexpected. Give your audience something to remember you by. Social Media Today offers some useful tips on how to make compelling visuals.


5. Quote Influencers.

You know your target audience: where they hang out, what they want, and who they like. Take quotes from icons or experts in your industry and rework them into your own idea.

Influencers already know to create a social media strategy that can go viral with your shared audience—so use their help and advice. Then, when you share your post, you can tag the influencer in the content and message them directly to let them know that you included them in your post. They may respond positively and give you exposure on their own site—which can help you gain viewers and go viral!


6. Make an Ongoing Campaign.

Some social media campaigns are one-and-done. Take The Dollar Shave Club, for example. They made one hilarious video and their business skyrocketed (and they were just bought by Unilever for $1 billion).

Although that can happen with amazing, unique content that is targeted at the consumer, that’s not usually how it works. Usually, the best campaigns are those that are continuously in front of their audience.

Another standout campaign was An Oreo A Day. Oreo used their cookie to tell the major news story every day for 100 days. It had immense interaction with their audience (basically, everyone with taste buds) because they demonstrated a connection to world problems while still being goofy. Their campaign ran for 100 days, and they became well known as one of the best social media marketing teams to date.

When thinking of how to create a social media strategy, think of the long-term goals and continuing campaigns that can put you in front of your audience’s eyes consistently and captivatingly.


TIP: Click here to download my Free Guide “The Essential Social Media Campaign Checklist” to fast-track this step.


7. MOST IMPORTANT: Add Your personality!

If you take anything away from this article it’s this: your brand is at the centre of your social media campaign! People want personality in their brands and in their lives.

They want content that has heart. Content that will make them laugh, cry, agree with you, like you, trust you. Personality will help you connect to your audience, build better relationships, and attract a wider audience—which will lead to exponential business growth.

The first step when learning how to create a social media strategy is building your unique voice, which will be at the heart and soul of your campaign. My program Your Unique Voice is perfect for the entrepreneur who is ready to amplify their voice and start singing (metaphorically) on social media!

Learning how to create a social media strategy can be daunting. But if you take it one step at a time, you’ll be able to reach your destination and sing your heart out!



The goal of your social media strategy is to 

  1. Gain exposure
  2. Improve relationship with audience

In order to create a savvy social media strategy you have to 

  • Know how your audience’s online hangouts and how they interact with content
  • Keep it simple! Concise information is what goes viral.
  • Create a catchy headline with “3 shocking cliffhangers.”
  •  Include compelling visuals
  •  Quote influencers to gain credibility and a wider reach.
  • “100 Days of Oreos is better than 1 day of Oreos”
  • Your brand has a personality, let it shine through.

Are you ready to take that first step towards a seamless social media strategy?

Download this FREE checklist to help you learn how to create a social media strategy from scratch!


Why Your Business Wants (And Needs) More Of You!

Why Your Business Wants (And Needs) More Of You!

Why Your Business Wants And Needs More Of You

Have you ever wondered why there are certain brands that really stand out and get your attention? It’s because they have great personalities and they’ve infused those personalities into their business and brand.

Think of people like Marie Forleo and Seth Godin. Brands like Nike and Apple. They all easily grab our attention and hold our attention, because they have charisma or a certain something about them that captures our attention.

It is their personality and the fact that they’re using their voice throughout their brand messaging that helps them attract a devoted audience.

Begin With Your Brand Voice

Now, I think it’s really important if you’re a small business – particularly someone who is a service-based business – to know how to develop your brand voice and then infuse that into everything you do. That includes your web pages, your marketing messages, your social media posts – even when you’re meeting someone at a networking event – using YOUR brand voice in everything you do.

One way I like to explain this, is to think of everyone’s brand voice as different styles of music. Just like there are many different genres of music, you and everyone else, can have also have very different styles of brand voices. There is no right or wrong style of brand voice. It’s just yours.


What’s Your Style of Brand Voice?

So just like music, your brand voice has it’s own style or beat. You could be an elegant classical piece, a quirky, individual indy-style beat, or perhaps you’re a fun pop rock type of rhythm – whatever resonates with you. Whatever your tone, whatever your beat, you want to reflect that in your brand. And when you do, what happens as a result, is people start to listen to your message.

They start to pay attention to what you’ve got to say. You instantly build rapport with them, which also means building better relationships. Then it’s much easier to convert potential customers into buyers if you’ve got that relationship in place. And the most important reason for using “your voice” is that it shows your audience that you’re more than a business . . . It shows them you’re more than a brand. It shows them you’ve got heart.

When people can see and feel you’ve got “heart” and you’re just like them, they trust you. And to “know, like and trust you” means they’ll be devoted fans forever.


Love to know more about infusing “you” into your brand?

Love to learn how to develop your brand voice and infuse that into what you do and your business, so that you can attract a wider audience, build better relationships and ultimately grow your business exponentially? Then, get in touch with me here and let’s discuss what you need. 

How To Write An About Me Page That Connects in a Heart Beat!

How To Write An About Me Page That Connects in a Heart Beat!

How to Create an About Me Page

It’s your own special hangout in cyber space that you can completely make your own. Where you can feel free to let your hair down, speak from the heart, and let others get to know your true personality. 

It’s your About Me Page. 

And it has a big job to play when it comes to connecting with your audience quickly.


How To Write an About Me Page for your Website or Blog

No longer, is a yawn-worthy compilation of facts, enough to make a great impression.  I mean, who is going to get excited browsing through a boring biography, robotic list of qualifications and a list of “look at me” business awards.

It’s sooooo (doing business) yesterday! 

Today, an unforgettable About Me Page needs to reflect something very special. An inviting repartee that truly speaks to your audience and gives them a personal insight into who you are, what you’re about, and MOST importantly, ‘what’s in it for them?


The Most-Popular Website 'Pit Stop'

It is human nature, to be curious about others.

We like to know what the neighbours are up to, keep up with the latest news, and have a heads-up on what's hot and what's not.

Just think how many times, you've wanted to know someone else's info - like 'where did she get those rocking jeans?' or 'Hey, I need to know your hairdresser girl, like pronto!'

It's in our DNA. We like to check out other humans.

So naturally, when people hop onto your website, the first thing they do - after perusing your home page - is to pop on over to the "About" tab to check YOU out.

It makes perfect sense, that if you like what you see and read, then your next move, is to find out more about the person behind it.

In fact, statistics are telling us that, About Pages are the second most clicked page on a website. Yep!  In fact 60% of a website’s total traffic go straight there.

Woah!!  That's a lot of people checking you out!

Like I said, it's totally human nature for people to want to know who you are and what you're about.

So, it's your job, to give them a great first impression!

Here are some tips I've put together, to help you create an About Page that truly reflects you AND connects with your ideal audience in a heart beat.

About Page Tips for Authentic Entrepreneurs

About Page Tips For Authentic Entrepreneurs


1. Your 'About Me' Is Not All About YOU (#spoileralert)

Now this will sound ironic, but your About Page shouldn't be all about you!  It really should be conveying what you offer your audience.

What you can do to help them.

Keep this in mind, whilst planning your content, and you'll definitely have a great head start when it comes to writing an about me page that keeps your readers engaged and wanting more.


2. Bring in the Warm & Fuzzies

Think of your 'About Me Page' as the big warm 'welcome mat' of your website.

Just like welcoming a new friend into your home for the first time, you want to make a new reader feel safe, special, and right at home.

You can do this by empathising with your readers needs, speaking to them in a personal tone, and showing them where to find everything they need.


3. Leave 'Tyre Kickers' at the Curb

A well structured About Page, will also make it obvious who isn't the right visitor for your website.

This is just as important as attracting the right type of person.

Think about it, you want attract and keep visitors who are thrilled to find you and can't wait to devour more of what you have to offer. Ideally, your potential Number One raving fans!

If someone arrives on your site, and they can immediately see you're not for them, than that's a good thing.

You're not wasting their time, or yours, and you'll only make a bigger impact and greater profits by staying true to who you are!


4. Keep it Conversational

Whenever you want to connect with your reader, it's best to write in the "first person."

Use a natural conversational tone, as if you were chatting to them face-to-face.

Save writing in the "3rd person" for your formal bio - which by the way, if you want to include in your 'About' section, is best to leave further down the page.


5. Make It Uniquely Yours

This is where you can really let your personality come out and play.

Show off your style with your brand colours and images. Get creative with your page layout and design.

Make the page as unique and unforgettable as you are.

What To Include On Your About Page

What To Include In Your About Page

Remember there is no definitive way to set up your about page, but if you aim to include at least a handful of these compelling components, you'll be well on your way to keeping your audience hanging onto every word . .


1. Captivating Opening Statement

You want to speak directly to your audience right from the start.

Begin at the top of the page, with a headline that captures attention. It can be a captivating and benefit-driven phrase which is heart-felt, creative, quirky or bold - any will work well, as long as it is in 'your voice' and welcomes your readers at the get-go.


2. Benefits To The Reader

After you've grabbed their attention with your headline, let your readers know what's in it for them.

You want them to know you understand them and their problems, as well as highlight what they can expect from you and your website.

This is also the ideal opportunity to explain the type of clients you work with, and what benefits they receive as a result. (Hint: the perfect place to share your core brand statement).


3. Your "Why"

Let you readers know 'why' you do what you do.

Your vision and mission. Your passions and purpose.

The more you reveal what inspired you to begin this work and the love for what you do, the quicker you will connect with other like-minded people who would love to align with you.


4. Your Story

The most compelling way to connect with your audience is by telling a story.

And there is no better place to share "your" story than on your about page.

Share the journey of how you got here. How did you start out in business? Why have you chosen this work? What have been the major challenges and hurdles you have had to overcome?

Let us get to know the real you and share a bit about your personal and family life - fun moments, meaningful memories, your favourite things - are wonderful ways to help your readers get a sense of "you."

You can even touch on the low points in your life, - this truly adds 'heart' to your story, and lets your readers truly see you has a fellow human being.


5. Engaging Images

Images are an important component on an engaging About Page.

Rather than just your one "bio" photo, include other images that help the reader get to know you, your business and show off your personality.

Pictures of you with family and friends, behind-the-scenes in business and enjoying what you do outside of work are all wonderful ways to showcase you.

Plus . . . adding images is also a great way to break up all the text and keep your readers interested and scrolling down the page.


6. Social Proof

Your About Page is also a great place to share a few client testimonials. Readers love seeing social proof, and someone else singing your praises, is always going to give you more credibility, than you singing your own.

TIP: Think of your testimonials like images, and use them to break up the text and keep readers scrolling down the page.


7. Lead Magnet

Now that you have your readers attention, you have perfect opportunity to invite them to join your list.

A popular spot to do this on the About Me Page is at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you may feature it permanently in the right-hand-side column of your blog.


8. Video

Nothing connects instantly like video.

Whether you choose to use one on your home page or about page, it's a sure-fire way to create instant rapport and connect with those beautiful clients you're here to serve.

Your About Page video should speak directly to your ideal client, welcome them to your space and again, let them know what to expect and what's in it for them!


9. Handy Links

Another great option, is to give your readers a quick tour of the best of your site. Include links to pages within your site that you'll  know will be informative and interesting to them.

These could include:

  • Start Here page (a page that highlights the best posts &/or resources in one place, for first time visitors).
  • A list of your most popular blog posts
  • Opt In for your Newsletter or Free Gift
  • Media Page
  • Professional Bio (if this is featured on a separate web page)
  • Social Media links

About Page Inspiration (and then some . . )

Looking for some inspiration to get started?

Here's a round up of a variety About Page's I particularly love. Each one has their own unique flavour, yet does a great job of engaging and connecting their particular audience so they'll stick around for more.


Susannah Conway

About Page Example


Lewis Howes

About Page Example


Gala Darling

Gala Darling About Page Example


Denise Duffield-Thomas

About Page Example


Danielle Laporte

About Page Example


Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini About Page Example


Use these gems as a guide only. Take a note of what you love (or don't love), and then reflect on how you can bring to life your page with your own voice and personality.

Oh, and here's another you can check out from yours truly!


Keep in mind, that your About Me Page should be a "fluid" piece of content that can be fine-tuned and can developed, as you, and your business grow.

Don't overthink the writing process. Just start by noting down what you want people to know and let it evolve from there.

Now go and have fun creating! 



  • The About Page is the second most clicked page on any website.
  • Your About Me Page is ironically not all about you. Speak to your audience and always let them know what's in it for them!
  • Make your About Page uniquely yours - write in your tone of voice, use imagery, eye-catching design, and  that show off your personality.
  • Include key components that keep your reader engaged and connected:
  • opening statement
  • benefits to the reader
  • your why
  • your story
  • engaging images &/or video
  • social proof
  • handy links to relevant information
  • Take inspiration from amazing About Pages, but always, ALWAYS make it your own!



Have you discovered someone else's About Page, you absolutely adore?

Do you do, or use something unique, in your own About Page, that isn't mentioned here?

Please let me know, and share with us in the comments!

Kym xo

The “One Thing”  You Need Before Creating an Irresistible Brand Message

The “One Thing” You Need Before Creating an Irresistible Brand Message

Create an Irresistible Brand Message

Your irresistible brand message is what makes the people you want to reach (aka: your dream clients), sit up and take notice.

It sums up and communicates everything you do and why you do it. It is also the springboard for ALL your marketing, content and advertising messages.


An irresistible brand message is the heart and soul of your business.

Yep, this short and sweet stanza, really has a lot of pressure to perform!

So, before you conjure up the most eloquent, compelling and heart-felt brand message you have ever heard, there are a number of things you want to have crystal clear first.

Without these, your brand and business may sound “pretty,” but it won’t get you where you want to go.


The one thing you need is a single-minded focus

Let’s face it. Most entrepreneurs are multi-passionates. We’re always brainstorming cool and creative ideas at a hundred miles an hour. We’re capable of juggling tasks and projects like a high-flying circus act.

Entrepreneurs are the colourful chameleons of the business world.

We can easily adapt to who or what we need to be at any given moment. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to focusing on building our personal brand, we can easily suffer from BSO syndrome (bright shiny object syndrome).

In other words, we can easily distracted.


In order to create an irresistible brand message, you must be able to reel all that passion in, and give it a single focus.

If you want to successfully engage and connect with your dream clients, and build an unforgettable personal brand, then you need to be known for one thing. Yep, you only get to choose one (for now!). You don’t focus on five things. You don’t three things.


You choose numero uno!

If you’re busying promoting a whole bunch of services, products, solutions, (add in your other extra thingy-majigs here), your message is instantly diluted.

You’ll be known for NOTHING.

Now, I know you’re likely to be squirming in your seat and shaking your head at me right now. And I get that (cos we’re multi-passionate right!?). But if it is not clear in your client’s mind what your super-duper one “thing” is, then you don’t have a brand baby.

What you have is a business mosh-pit.

I know this, because I’ve body-dived into the mosh-pit a few times. I’ve struggled with doing all the things I want to do and all the things I want to give to my clients.

Problem is, it makes doing business messy, creates confusion and keeps you stuck.

It wasn’t until I crawled out of my biz mosh pit, and concentrated on a single focus, that I started seeing results.

Instead of feeling suffocated and being tossed around in an ocean of entrepreneurs and messages, I could see a nice clear pathway to centre stage. My entrepreneurial stage.

So decide on your ONE clear focus.


Make it the thing you want to be known for – today.

To help find that single focus for your personal brand start by asking yourself . . .

“What’s the one thing that makes you unique and that you deliver exceedingly well to your clients?”

It’s oh-so-tempting to try and be everything to everyone. But it is far better to make a bigger impact with a strong single-minded focus.

Your customer doesn’t care about your big goal and life-long aspirations. They only care about what you can do for them in this moment.

Their perception of you is determined by the value you provide them. A single focus increases your value in the eyes of your customers a thousand fold – and that is where your brand ‘gold’ lies.

Now if you’re palms are starting to get sweaty because that voice in your head is screaming – ‘But what if my business does more than one thing?’  and  ‘What if we serve a few types of customers?’


Having “one thing” is still totally do-able.

Your one focus can still easily be communicated across your different business streams and to your different customers. You just have to ensure your focus is still the underlying core value that radiates out through everything you provide.

And if you’d love some help pin-pointing that one thing you can be known for – then I have just the thing to help you fast-track results

Click here and I’ll help you discover your Star Power


So now for the replay. Here’s what you need in place before you start styling that irresistible brand message of yours:

The Replay

  • Your irresistible brand message is the heart and soul of your business
  • To have an powerful brand message, you need a single focus.
  • Your customer doesn’t care about your big dreams, they only care about what you can do for them today, in this moment.
  • Whilst it’s tempting to try and be everything to everyone, it’s far better to create a bigger impact with one thing.
  • Make your one thing, the thing that makes you unique and you deliver exceedingly well to your clients.

And, just for fun . . . in order to make your brand irresistible to those you’re here to serve – here’s what the lads in One Direction want you to know!!

Let’s Jam

Join in and share with us the “one thing” you want to be known for in the comments below!

Kym xo



Give Them A Performance They’ll Never Forget (Entrepreneurs Take Note!)

Give Them A Performance They’ll Never Forget (Entrepreneurs Take Note!)

How To Get Attention For Your Business

A few weeks ago – whilst on a all-girl’s weekend retreat – a bunch of girlfriends and I wrapped ourselves up in winter woolies and cozied up around a log fire with a glass of red and big box of Favourites chocolates.

It would appear, we were ready to dive into a big deep and meaningful about our love lives or latest crushes.

But no, that wasn’t what were up to at all.

Rather, we were prepping ourselves to dive into the colourful and eclectic world of the Eurovision Song Contest!!

I kid you not! 😉

Now we knew it would be a loooong, late night of 2nd rate singing, “camp” costuming and endless eye-squinting disco lighting effects – but we were compelled to watch it anyway.


Because Eurovision is pure ENTERTAINMENT!

A belly laughing, fuel-injected montage showcasing everything from Trashy Pop to Diva-style Love Ballads and everything in-between.

But more than that, Eurovision was the perfect excuse to role play.

We got to play harsh critics and pick-to-pieces each and every act . . .

  • We giggled at the young guy (who I swear was no older than 12), channelling Fonzie out of Happy Days!  Complete with a 1960’s oiled quiff and black leather jacket!
  • We ‘oohed and ahhhed’ over the perfect skin and glossy locks of a child-like teen, only to be taken aback when her first note out of that perfect mouth, was painfully out of key! #ouch
  • And, we swooned over “Mr Sweden” (the Eurovision winner BTW) – with his handsome clean looks, sexy pecks, and come-to-bed eyes. And his snazzy digital-effects backdrop desperately attempting to hide his blandish beat.

Yep, it was a ‘cheap-night-in’ of entertainment heaven.

How to Get Attention For Your Business

You know, people will always seek out entertainment. And there is a very good reason why they love to be entertained.

It’s called escapism.

Even for just 5 minutes, if people can completely forget their woes and headaches, and be transported to someplace else – then many are willing to sign up for the experience.

Capturing the attention of your audience online, is not too dissimilar.

The secret however, is knowing how to get your audience to stick around for a whole lot longer than 5 minutes.

That’s where when delivering substance along with entertainment is key.

Quality entertainment will out-live the “car crash” style of entertaining every time.

So, whilst it’s easy to grab your potential customers attention with a “Oh Wow!” or “What The?” style of message initially, it always needs to be backed up with plenty of great stuff.

Great information, great content, great insights or life-changing revelations.

In other words, if you STAY CLASSY and provide quality, then your audience will be happy to stick around for the long term.

So, meanwhile back around the “girl-power” log-fire, I’m happy to say, we witnessed our Aussie Eurovision representative “Guy Sebastian,” doing a great example of just that . . .

He stayed classy.

Guy didn’t resort to shock tactics at all.

He impressed the crowd and the judges, with his impeccable talent and super star quality – and that’s what landed him an impressive No 5 on the leader board.

Not bad I say.

And we all know that Mr Sebastian ain’t going away anytime soon. He’ll keep on delivering A-class entertainment that I’d be happy to pay full price for any day.

So what about you?

Are you delivering A-class content (and entertainment) in your business?

Are you ready to attract all the right attention to your business (in a classy way)?

Then you can learn how to get your standing ovation over here.

In the meantime, leave me a comment and tell me know who is your favourite “classy” entertainer?

Who would you pay top dollar to see?

Kym xo


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