Firstly, why is it important we increase credibility in our niche?

Well, we know for many coaches and consultants, there is a lot of competition out there.

That’s a whole lot of personalities and brands all competing with you.

Just like the old saying goes – it’s important to build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor – so therefore, increasing credibility plays a big part in creating “trust” for your potential clients.

When a prospective client first looks at you, visits your website and watches what you do, they may initially think  ‘Yeh!, this coach is like-minded, I can  relate to them!’  

But, what they really want to know, is if they spend money on your products or services, will deliver?

We’ll here’s 6 ways to help you prove that to them right from the get-go!

6 Ways to Instantly Increase Credibility in Your Niche

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1. Deliver What You Promise

Whatever you put out there (whether it’s on the internet or offline), make sure you deliver on what you promise!

If you say “you’re going to walk away with X,Y, or Z when you do my program”  –  then make sure they walk away with those things.

There’s nothing worse than investing in a program or training, only to walk and think ‘hang on a minute, I remember they said I would  get this!’  or ‘I thought I’d be able to do this . . . and I don’t recall them talking about that at all!?’

So you want to always deliver on what you promise. It’s the first and most important rule of gaining credibility.

2. Ask For Testimonials

Next, make sure you always ask for testimonials from your clients.

If you haven’t already done so, place client testimonials on your website and throughout your documentation. Basically, anywhere where it’s appropriate to show your clients results when working with you.

If don’t already have testimonials in place, go back to former clients and ask for one.

You’ll know the clients who have been absolutely thrilled with working with you – the ones who have told you how much they’ve enjoyed the experience (they’ve probably  already told you so in an email).

Get Their Permission First

All you’ll have to do is ask for their permission and confirm with them that they won’t mind being featured in your marketing and on your website. One step better, is to ask for a video testimonial.

Video Testimonials Rock

A video testimonial from a happy client is a really awesome way to showcase your credibility.

We all like watching videos today. Not only are they quick to consume information, but we can also “see” that a testimonial is genuine – not something that’s been made up!

How To Ask Your Client For A Testimonial

Next time you work with a client, make it part of your procedure, towards the end of your journey together, to ask for a testimonial.

All you have to do is say –

Would you mind if I featured a testimonial from you?  I know you’ve had a great experience, you’ve told me so. Could we put that on my website? Or could we use that as part of my marketing materials?’

Potential Clients Can Relate

And the other great thing about testimonials, is they allow potential clients to see how they can get results as well. They can relate to that person and think ‘Oh, that could possibly be me, and I’ll be able to get those results too!

3. Show Evidence of Experience

Now, if I was a potential client who visited your website, I would want to see evidence of what it is you’ve done.

Whilst client testimonials and sharing client’s results in case studies is one way (and that’s certainly a very powerful way!) there are other ways to provide evidence of your experience:

  • Awards – Highlight awards you’ve won in your industry which support your expertise and talents.
  • Media Appearances – Show evidence of features in prominent media publications, authority websites or newspapers as a way to demonstrate you know what you’re talking about.
  • Best Selling Book – If you’re a best-selling author, showcase your book as testament to your knowledge and credibility in your niche.
  • Photos & Video Footage – If you’re a speaker or trainer, shows photos and/or video footage of you speaking at events. It’s great evidence of what you’re really good at.

Set Up A Media Page

If you are a coach or consultant interested in attracting speaking gigs or media appearances, create a Media Page on your website.

A media page is one page that highlights all your achievements and accolades in one place (ie; speaker bio, professional images, awards, contact details etc). Basically, everything the media would need to quickly gain information about you, in one place.

4. Have Consistency In Your Business

Another way to instantly increase credibility is to create consistency across all aspects of your business.

Look at every of your business and notice if it’s consistent:

Customer Service

How do you handle your enquiries and messages? Are your phone calls being handled a particular way each and every time? Do you have a follow up system in place that is consistent for all your customers?


Is your branding consistent across all mediums?  Your colours, images and design.

Is it clear who you are, whether a prospective client goes to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. Is it the same if turn up to an event to see you speak live?

Consistent branding is something that helps to demonstrate the consistency of your business and credibility for your clients.

Products & Services

You also want to ensure you have consistency in all of the products and services you deliver.

There’s no point putting out something that is amazing one month, only to put out something else that appears cheap and nasty, or just thrown together the next month.

Keep that wonderful level of consistency across the board, so people know they can always expect quality from you.

And a final tip about consistency .  .  .

Create Consistency in Your Message

Make sure your speciality (and what you want to be known for) is consistent in all your messaging.

Let people know you’re the ‘expert’ in that area. Make it easy for them to see you’re the “go to girl’ when they really need help for that particular thing you do.

Then when your message is consistent, you’ll find you get more referrals, because you’re known for that speciality!

5. Expand Your Knowledge

To increase credibility in your niche, it also pays to keep up-to-date with your knowledge in your area of expertise.

Now I presume (especially if you’re experienced coaching and consulting clients) that you already have a lot of knowledge in your niche. However,  it’s also important you keep up-to-date with trends in your industry and keep enhancing those skills you already have.

Keeping going to those courses and events that help strengthen and enhance the knowledge and skills you already have.

6. Be Confident

And finally, nothing is more attractive than someone who is confident in their business.

I’m not talking about having a ‘big ego’ or going about with an attitude of  ‘look at me!,’ ‘look how fantastic I am!’  – but rather, I’m talking about confidence in your skills and ability to get results for your clients.

People Love Certainty!

People are always looking for certainty when they hire someone to do a job for them.

It’s like when you take your car to the mechanic – you want to know the mechanic will do a great job and not rip you off. It’s the same when hiring a coach or consultant.

When people see you’re confident about the results you deliver and you know what you’re talking about, they can relax.

They feel reassured they’re in safe hands and that you’re going to help them get the job done.

And you definitely increase your credibility!


You know you’re good at what you do. You know you’ve got value to offer.

So I want you to always remember somebody needs THAT

And you can always be confident in knowing THAT!

Even if you’re just starting out, you can increase credibility by just being in confident in how you explain what you do and how you can help others – and it will go along way in helping you gain credibility and attract more business.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering these 6 Ways You Can Instantly Increase Credibility in Your Niche

These are actually just part of the many tips I provide in my Awesome Offers Checklist (It’s Free!) which you can download here:

Now you can go and check out even more ways to be awesome in your industry and be awesome with the offers you put out there!

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you again soon!

Kym xo

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