Do you currently have an online program or course you’re creating, but feel like it’s lacking something? Are you wondering if it needs a little bit extra?  Something to make it more it exciting?

Then again, maybe you already have an online program or course, but it’s not converting well? People just aren’t excited to buy?

Then, I have just the solution for you!

How To Add Bonuses To Your Online Program & Make It So Much More Enticing!

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If you sell anything online today, then adding free bonuses as an incentive, is a fantastic way to boost value in the eyes of your customer.

What’s more, if you include a structured bonus plan with your online program, then it really can make the difference between you and your competitors. It really does make it more enticing and super-easy for your ideal client to say “yes.”

Bonuses Are Not New

Now the whole concept of offering a customer something for free, is not a new one. In fact, offering a bonus with products and services, has been around for centuries.

Remember the old television infomercial where the guy declares “Buy this and you’ll also get a free set of steak knives!!?”  Yep, it’s the ‘cliche’ sales pitch that called out to us in our lounge rooms for years.

But whilst that was a really cheesy (and annoying) way for informercials to sell their offers, the fact remains, that offering an extra special “something” for free, really does sweeten the sale for an audience.


A Great Bonus Effortlessly Entices Buyers!

Think about this for minute . . . .

Every time you visit the shopping mall, you’re always being offered a whole range of free bonuses.

I know that every Mother’s Day, when I’m looking to buy my mum a beautiful bottle of perfume, I’m always greeted with ‘Buy this perfume, and receive the matching body lotion for free!”

Each time, I’m tempted to go with one particular brand of perfume over another, because it means I’ll get the extra complimentary product.

Everyone loves the idea of receiving a free gift!

The Extra Benefits Of Adding a Bonus

I personally believe bonuses are an important part of your overall program structure. And the benefits to including them in your program package are huge:

A great bonus plan:

  • Increases the perceived value of your program for your client
  • Adds complimentary products and services (that you don’t supply)
  • Enhances the customer experience for your clients
  • Significantly boosts sales!
You know, I absolutely love coming up with new and creative ways to add value not only to my programs, but to my client’s programs too.

That’s because adding a bonus plan is a fun way to make programs different, exciting and super valuable to a client whenever they’re considering investing in you!

People Buy For The Bonuses!

It’s true. I once bought an online program purely for the bonus that came with it.


The bonus that came with the program was another entrepreneur’s course. Now this particular bonus course, was one I really wanted. I certainly didn’t mind buying the signature program on offer – it certainly was nice to have. But it was the “bonus course” was the “must have” for me.


So essentially, I purchased the first program, so I would receive the 2nd course.


In the world of online marketing, we know that many people purchase programs for the same reason. A big part of their decision to purchase a program, is because they’re excited by the bonuses they get.




3 Types of Bonuses To Boost Conversions!

So now you get how pivotal adding a bonus can be, let’s look at 3 types of bonuses you can add to your online programs, that will help boost your sales conversions AND provide an awesome customer experience.



The ‘Action Takers Bonus’ is used to encourage people to act quickly. It’s a great way to help to initiate the purchase, so you can get those sales moving.


Great for New Product Launches
Action-taking bonuses are a popular strategy that you’ll see many online entrepreneurs use whenever they’re launching a new product.


Often they’ll kick off their launch with a series of webinars (or trainings), and at the end of the webinar, they’ll promote their new program (eg;  “. . . for everyone who signs up for the program today, you’ll also receive this extra bonus!”).


So, an ‘Action Takers Bonus’ is ideal when you want to persuade people to take action quickly and then reward them for it.


Also Great with Existing Products
An ‘Action-Takers Bonus’, also works well with existing products.


For instance, you may decide to re-launch your program or conduct a promotional campaign to help build new interest. Implementing a new bonus to get people excited and eager to buy, will definitely help your potential clients make the decision to act today.


So an ‘Action-Takers Bonus’  is one that “rewards” your customers for taking action. It works equally well for both new or existing products and is a great way to give your sales campaign a boost, particularly in the early stages.



Like the name implies, this type of bonus comes with an expiry date. This means your potential buyers have to act before a certain date, in order to receive their special bonus.


Expiry Bonuses also work really well, strategically placed throughout a product launch or promotional campaign you’re running.


When setting up your Expiry Bonus:
  1. Decide on the date deadline you want people to act by, in order to receive their bonus
  2. Notify your audience (ie; target market) to purchase before the deadline, in order to receive their bonus.
So whether you’re promoting your program via a series of Facebook Ads, announcing it via email to your list, or selling tickets to a live event, combining your promotion with an expiry bonus, motivates your audience to purchase sooner rather than later.


Including an Expiry Bonus a really good way to help those people who may be sitting on the fence, to make purchase before the deadline.


Why Does A Deadline Help Buyers Take Action?

It’s human nature for many people to postpone things. If people believe they have a long time before they have to act, then they have a tendency to put things off that aren’t urgent and focus on other priorities that need to come first.


But when you give your prospective customers an incentive to act sooner, then it provides them with a sense of urgency to make the purchase.



A ‘Value Post Bonus’ is a bonus without a deadline. It’s a free additional bonus you always include with the purchase of your program.


If you have an evergreen program (ie; one that is always available to purchase), then a ‘Value Boost Bonus’ is definitely an add-on you should consider. A well thought out ‘Value Boost Bonus’ is that extra bit of incentive your buyers will love, to make your program so much more irresistible.



One more lovely way to provide bonuses for your clients is with a surprise bonus!
Once you have received enrolments in your program or whenever someone signs up for your services, why not gift them with an extra bonus they don’t expect?


A surprise bonus also makes a beautiful thank you gift. You can either send an actual gift in the mail, or email your client a a lovely welcome note with a link to their digital bonus.


 How To Add Bonuses To Your Online Program


1. Make the value of your bonuses EQUAL TO or GREATER THAN the investment your customer is making.

This increases the overall value of the investment for the customer. When it comes to making the decision to purchase your program, an amazing bonus bundle will make the sale a seamless one.

2. Aim for 2 to 3 Bonuses for each Signature Program or Course

If it’s difficult to come up with one large bonus for your buyers, then you can bundle together 2 or 3 attractive bonuses, to increase the overall value instead. Your clients will love the extra gifts, especially if it’s something they would have purchased separately anyway.


NB: Avoid adding too many bonuses to your bundle, or it can have the reverse effect and devalue your program. Two or three that equal the value of your program will work well.


3. Ensure Your Bonuses Enhance The Core Offer

Always ensure the bonuses you choose are related to your program. If the bonuses you add are not related – or don’t enhance your offer –  then won’t help to increase sales. All they’ll do is confuse or overwhelm your customer.


The best way to find a bonus that enhances your offer, is to consider:


The First Step
What is the First Step your clients need to take before your program? What type of bonuses would help them take this step?


The Next Step
After completing your program, what would be the next step your client needs to take? What type of bonuses would support them to do this?

How Can You Enhance Their Experience?

What types of resources, tools or complimentary trainings would support your client’s learning and results when in your program? Could these be offered as a bonus to enhance their learning experience?

There are many directions you can go, when deciding on the ideal bonus. Ultimately, you’ll know which ones best suit your industry, your area of speciality and your client’s needs. If ever in doubt, ask does this ‘compliment’ or ‘takeaway from’ my program and my client’s experience?

Deciding on the Perfect Bonus To Add To Your Online Program

Now if you’re still unsure what type of bonus would be right for your program, you’re welcome to reach out to me here anytime.


But one of the easiest and quickest ways to determine the perfect bonus for your audience – is to ask them!
  • What are things your client values?
  • What are they constantly searching for?
  • What other products & services are they interested in?
Ask your audience what products or services they would love as a bonus. Then all you have to do, is brainstorm different ways to provide them!
I hope that inspires you to create some amazing bonuses for your online programs.  


You know, adding a “bonus” as an incentive to your offer is just one of the many tips I share in my Awesome Offers Checklist (It’s Free!) .
Download your copy here:



What Bonus Ideas Do You Have?

Let me know in the comments below what great ideas you have as a bonus, or share what you already offer as a bonus with your online program?

Kym xo

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