Create an Irresistible Brand Message

Your irresistible brand message is what makes the people you want to reach (aka: your dream clients), sit up and take notice.

It sums up and communicates everything you do and why you do it. It is also the springboard for ALL your marketing, content and advertising messages.


An irresistible brand message is the heart and soul of your business.

Yep, this short and sweet stanza, really has a lot of pressure to perform!

So, before you conjure up the most eloquent, compelling and heart-felt brand message you have ever heard, there are a number of things you want to have crystal clear first.

Without these, your brand and business may sound “pretty,” but it won’t get you where you want to go.


The one thing you need is a single-minded focus

Let’s face it. Most entrepreneurs are multi-passionates. We’re always brainstorming cool and creative ideas at a hundred miles an hour. We’re capable of juggling tasks and projects like a high-flying circus act.

Entrepreneurs are the colourful chameleons of the business world.

We can easily adapt to who or what we need to be at any given moment. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to focusing on building our personal brand, we can easily suffer from BSO syndrome (bright shiny object syndrome).

In other words, we can easily distracted.


In order to create an irresistible brand message, you must be able to reel all that passion in, and give it a single focus.

If you want to successfully engage and connect with your dream clients, and build an unforgettable personal brand, then you need to be known for one thing. Yep, you only get to choose one (for now!). You don’t focus on five things. You don’t three things.


You choose numero uno!

If you’re busying promoting a whole bunch of services, products, solutions, (add in your other extra thingy-majigs here), your message is instantly diluted.

You’ll be known for NOTHING.

Now, I know you’re likely to be squirming in your seat and shaking your head at me right now. And I get that (cos we’re multi-passionate right!?). But if it is not clear in your client’s mind what your super-duper one “thing” is, then you don’t have a brand baby.

What you have is a business mosh-pit.

I know this, because I’ve body-dived into the mosh-pit a few times. I’ve struggled with doing all the things I want to do and all the things I want to give to my clients.

Problem is, it makes doing business messy, creates confusion and keeps you stuck.

It wasn’t until I crawled out of my biz mosh pit, and concentrated on a single focus, that I started seeing results.

Instead of feeling suffocated and being tossed around in an ocean of entrepreneurs and messages, I could see a nice clear pathway to centre stage. My entrepreneurial stage.

So decide on your ONE clear focus.


Make it the thing you want to be known for – today.

To help find that single focus for your personal brand start by asking yourself . . .

“What’s the one thing that makes you unique and that you deliver exceedingly well to your clients?”

It’s oh-so-tempting to try and be everything to everyone. But it is far better to make a bigger impact with a strong single-minded focus.

Your customer doesn’t care about your big goal and life-long aspirations. They only care about what you can do for them in this moment.

Their perception of you is determined by the value you provide them. A single focus increases your value in the eyes of your customers a thousand fold – and that is where your brand ‘gold’ lies.

Now if you’re palms are starting to get sweaty because that voice in your head is screaming – ‘But what if my business does more than one thing?’  and  ‘What if we serve a few types of customers?’


Having “one thing” is still totally do-able.

Your one focus can still easily be communicated across your different business streams and to your different customers. You just have to ensure your focus is still the underlying core value that radiates out through everything you provide.

And if you’d love some help pin-pointing that one thing you can be known for – then I have just the thing to help you fast-track results

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So now for the replay. Here’s what you need in place before you start styling that irresistible brand message of yours:

The Replay

  • Your irresistible brand message is the heart and soul of your business
  • To have an powerful brand message, you need a single focus.
  • Your customer doesn’t care about your big dreams, they only care about what you can do for them today, in this moment.
  • Whilst it’s tempting to try and be everything to everyone, it’s far better to create a bigger impact with one thing.
  • Make your one thing, the thing that makes you unique and you deliver exceedingly well to your clients.

And, just for fun . . . in order to make your brand irresistible to those you’re here to serve – here’s what the lads in One Direction want you to know!!

Let’s Jam

Join in and share with us the “one thing” you want to be known for in the comments below!

Kym xo



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