Why Your Business Wants And Needs More Of You

Have you ever wondered why there are certain brands that really stand out and get your attention? It’s because they have great personalities and they’ve infused those personalities into their business and brand.

Think of people like Marie Forleo and Seth Godin. Brands like Nike and Apple. They all easily grab our attention and hold our attention, because they have charisma or a certain something about them that captures our attention.

It is their personality and the fact that they’re using their voice throughout their brand messaging that helps them attract a devoted audience.

Begin With Your Brand Voice

Now, I think it’s really important if you’re a small business – particularly someone who is a service-based business – to know how to develop your brand voice and then infuse that into everything you do. That includes your web pages, your marketing messages, your social media posts – even when you’re meeting someone at a networking event – using YOUR brand voice in everything you do.

One way I like to explain this, is to think of everyone’s brand voice as different styles of music. Just like there are many different genres of music, you and everyone else, can have also have very different styles of brand voices. There is no right or wrong style of brand voice. It’s just yours.


What’s Your Style of Brand Voice?

So just like music, your brand voice has it’s own style or beat. You could be an elegant classical piece, a quirky, individual indy-style beat, or perhaps you’re a fun pop rock type of rhythm – whatever resonates with you. Whatever your tone, whatever your beat, you want to reflect that in your brand. And when you do, what happens as a result, is people start to listen to your message.

They start to pay attention to what you’ve got to say. You instantly build rapport with them, which also means building better relationships. Then it’s much easier to convert potential customers into buyers if you’ve got that relationship in place. And the most important reason for using “your voice” is that it shows your audience that you’re more than a business . . . It shows them you’re more than a brand. It shows them you’ve got heart.

When people can see and feel you’ve got “heart” and you’re just like them, they trust you. And to “know, like and trust you” means they’ll be devoted fans forever.


Love to know more about infusing “you” into your brand?

Love to learn how to develop your brand voice and infuse that into what you do and your business, so that you can attract a wider audience, build better relationships and ultimately grow your business exponentially? Then, get in touch with me here and let’s discuss what you need. 

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