Kym has given me an amazing amount of knowledge, guidance and clarity regarding the message of my business, my brand and my audience! Incredibly intuitive, supportive, fun, collaborative and so engaging in her approach; Kym guided me expertly and empowered me to consider a message and brand I had never considered – which has given me clear direction and confidence! I can’t recommend Kym highly enough and I look forward to continuing a wonderful working relationship, thank you so much Kym!

Tina Patsiaouras
Behavioural Consultant & Coach
Shalee Moschetti

Working with Kym is a joy. Kym has opened my eyes to some wonderful tools that will help me live a happier life. I have learned to think positively, get real about what I want in life, and most of all – not to be so hard on myself. I would recommend her services to anyone who is suffering self-doubt in any aspect of life. Kym is like the best girlfriend you have never had.

Shalee Moschetti
Health Coach

When I met Kym I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and not loving where I was in a few areas of my life. In my sessions with Kym she was able to help me connect to myself again and work out what was really important to me and what I actually wanted. I was able to identify what some of my limiting beliefs and strategies were and how they were holding me back from being who I wanted to be. Now I am aware of some of this faulty thinking I’ve been able to take charge and change it and replace it with self talk and actions that nourish and support me and guide me to where I really want to go. I would recommend Kym to anyone who has lost direction or is feeling stuck and wants the tools to be able to make some changes in their life and take action in their own personal development.

Gillian Lambie
Fairfax Media
Brenda Wayman

If you wanting to create, grow and boost your online presence, receive support and guidance of an expert who is not only a true professional but highly creative – then working with Kym is a no brainer.

Brenda Wayman
Wayman Real Estate

Kym is a very positive and encouraging marketing coach. More importantly, she is also very practical assisting me with her marketing and copywriting skills. I’ve now got clarification about what excites me most, the value I provide for people, and my marketing materials. Mostly I appreciate how Kym ensured I stayed true to my intuition, to speak in my own unique voice and connect with the most suitable clients. Thank you muchly, Kym!

Shayoing Wang
Business Consultant
Andy Ross

My first session with Kym last night was quite invigorating. I came off the phone energised and intrigued. Kym has a wonderful presence and awareness, taking her time to listen and gather the info she needs before asking some insightful and thought provoking questions, all of which got me looking at my ‘stuff’ from a new perspective. “Turning the soil” as she put it helped me to see things differently, which I am now processing with a new curiosity that feels like I’m priming my self for action.I don’t know yet in what form it will manifest but I feel ready and excited for whats to come. And all this came with an over aching sense of compassion and a feeling of being cared for. Thats pretty powerful. Thank you Kym you have inspired me. You can’t ask for more than that.

Andy Ross
Andy Ross Music